Guest Comments

See what our guests have had to say about their trip aboard Sudiki…


“The boat, the beauty of the islands and seas, and the ever incredible care & company of Chris and Duff is the perfect escape from real life. Truly paradise. … Thanks so much for a perfect week.

Gabe – United States – June 2012

“Chris and Duff – you two were the best hosts. The food was great, the destinations
were amazing & the stories long and tall! It was such a joy to sail with a pair like you. You obviously love the sea. To watch the two of you work the Sudiki was like watching a well practiced dance.”
Julie – United States – April 2012


“…Thanks to both of you, Chris and Duff, this turned out to be one of the best holidays. Giorgio and I really appreciate what you did to make us feel at home. The way you treat your guests is really great. We simply loved Chris’ care of details in preparing food and organizing our life on board. …This was wonderfully luxurious from our perspective. Thanks, thanks, and again thanks for your hospitality.”

Rachele – Italy – January 2012

“Overall a truly fantastic setup with delicious food, incredible sightseeing, and best of all your great company! We will remember these days forever.”

Kirsten and Stefano – Italy – June 2011

“…We basked in your warm, unassuming and oh so genuine hospitality. … While we be leaving, we take home more than just a nice tan. We will take a slice of your Sudiki lifestyle to remind ourselves to take a breath and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Sondra – United States – March 2011

“Thank you Chris and Duff for all you have done to provide us this amazing honeymoon experience!!  …snorkeling the reef was as close to a private aquarium as we have ever seen.  Your cooking Chris was more than we could have expected & Duff’s command of the yacht made us comfortable the whole trip.  Great people, a beautiful yacht & great memories.  Thank you!!”

Mike & Annabelle – United States – September 2010


“Your octogenarian guests want to thank you for providing exactly what we wanted as a cruise. ….Thanks for indulging us. We arrived with clean clothes and heavy bags. We leave with dirty clothes but light hearts, hating to leave 2 such wonderful people.”

Helen & Dick – United States – March 2009


“We started this trip to come and see the beautiful islands of the Grenadines but because of Chris and Duff we saw much more than sea and land. We saw another whole world filled with beauty and magic…”

Bon Bon & Ever Ready – United States – February 2009

“Thank you for all those tasty unique moments. Every second a new occasion to smile. Rum punch, almost green flash, turtles, almost sharks, camembert aux amandes, Buddha Bar, Mustique, Duff and Vincent those incredible fishermen…. Take care and remain the wonderful persons you are.”

Cecile – France – January 2008


“No words to explain the feelings gathered on this wonderful vacation. Each and every moment was special. The evening with Dougie and ‘the gang’ was one of the best parties of my life. What more could you ask for? Lovely hosts, exquisite food and the most comfortable boat!”

Connie & Roger – United States – February 2008


“This started as a thought, reflecting a dream and then took wings and became a reality and what a reality. From the moment we stepped aboard we knew this would work and felt ourselves instantly among friends, proof positive that one should go with instincts… that smile of Chris’ and Duff’s happy, contented countenance were what drew us to Sudiki. We have been enveloped in love, care, rum and gourmet food. Seen sights we could never have dreamt of and met fabulous people who love and care for their homeland and each other and show that through their music. Let this be a taster for adventures with Sudiki in the future. To say ‘thank you’ would never get there but from the bottom of our hearts we do.”

Carole & Charles – England – December 2007