Throughout the years, these are the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from guests prior to their first boarding:


1. What exactly is and is not included in the price?  Our rates include (unless sepecifically stated otherwise) all meals, cruising taxes and ship’s bar.  Ship’s bar includes mixers, “rail” liquor, table wine and local beer.  Fine wines, imported beers and call liquor is at your expense.  They do not include your transportation to and from the yacht, any island excursions, equipment rentals or tours you take during your time on board, diving (see below) or any personal items you purchase while on board.


2.  What about diving?  Throughout most of the Eastern Caribbean, the diving is fantastic but requires superior equipment to be conducted safely and properly.  While we are both advanced divers, we only offer rendezvous diving with local dive shops (at your expense).  In the Grenadines, we are friends with all the dive shops and they will pick you up and drop you off from the yacht.  In other areas, we may have to dinghy you in for diving.


3.  What sort of food will be served?  While our sample menu will give you an idea of the types of food Chris can provide, once you sign a contract and pay your deposit, we will send you a comprehensive preference sheet for you and your group to fill out.  You can tell us what types of food and beverages you like (and dislike), any special occassions which are occurring or being celebrated during your time on board and what activities and interests you want to concentrate on during the trip.  And at the end of the preference sheet, you can provide us with any other information which will help us to make your holiday as memorable as we can.


4.  What sort of clothes should I bring?  Most of the Caribbean is very relaxed (they don’t call it Manyana land for nothing!) so while on board, you’ll need nothing more than very casual clothes, any special sailing clothes you like and swimming suits.  If you plan to eat ashore in the evening, most of the resturants are casual but may require a bit more depending on where we’re at.  If you bring a dress and a pair of long pants, that usually gets you through but if you have any questions about this, let us know and we’ll be able to advise you if there are any dress requirements.  Also, it’s best to travel with soft luggage which will conform better to the yacht’s cabins.


5.  Can I get my medications there?  Health care in the Caribbean is not like at home, if you need prescription drugs you will need to bring them with you.  Off the shelf items (sunscreen, aspirin, etc) are generally available but may be a bit pricy so if you know you’ll want it in a decent quantity, it’s best to bring it.


6.  Can I bring my own music?  Yes you can, we have a stereo which can handle 12 CD’s (I know, that’s the old way) and you can also interface an iPod to it.  Sorry, it’s an older model so most of the newer iPhones don’t work on it!


7.  What gear will I need to bring?  We have all the snorkel gear you’ll need unless you require prescription goggles.  For diving, if you want a lite wet suit, it’s better to bring it, sometimes you can get one, other times not.  We have all the fishing gear to enjoy catching your dinner.  For any other activities, please contact us so we can figure out the best way to provide you with what you want.


8.  How do you determine the number of days?  We count “days” by the number of nights you are on board.  So if you start on a Sunday for a 7 day trip, you’ll end the following Sunday.


9.  Do you offer sleep aboards?  Sleep aboards are generally for folks arriving late in the evening.  We do offer sleep aboard nights, they are priced at 50% of the daily rate.


10.  Do you charge delivery fees?  Throughout the Leeward and Windward islands, we do not charge a delivery fee.  Charters outside this area are reviewed on a case by case basis.